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On this site you will find background information about the company, information on each product in our range of adhesives, a selection of short video clips demonstrating the range of Quickfix Adhesives, and an online form for placing orders and making enquiries.


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Quickfix Q5050 Activator accelerates the curing of all cyanoacrylates thus speeding up completion of work speeds work and compatible with all Quickfix products we are aspecialist adhesive company based in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent (United Kingdom). We have been trading for over 35 years and have a wealth of knowledge where adhesion is concerned. We offer a comprehensive range of services to all companies who use adhesives in their production process. Visit our for placing orders and making enquiries. shoes and sole repairs shops in the uk
Add to this our back up advice service, which we provide to all of our customers, and we are sure you will see the benefits of trading with us. To become leading providers of specialist adhesives to industry. We have worked hard to build up personal relationships with our customers by always being available to help on any adhesion problem. We don't just sell a product, we supply solutions to problems.
Telephone : +44 (0)1892 521121, Fax : +44 (0)1892 519820 Address : 13 Camden Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2PS Email : Quickfix cyanocrylate are single component reactive adhesives with the ability to bond a wide range of materials very rapidly, often within seconds. They do not require mixing or applied heat. Setting and curing are achieved spontaneously when the parts are assembled. This is due to the effect of moisture absorbed the atmosphere and on the surfaces being joined. This reaction converts the cyanocrylate monomers into acrylic polymers. Setting will occur more quickly ,the thinner the film and the closer the gap between the parts. Alkaline surfaces accelerate the polymerization; acid surfaces retard or even completely inhibit the reaction. Quickfix 5050 accelerant may be used to promote polymerization of Quikfix cyanocrylate adhesives where conditions of curing are less favorable.
Quickfix adhesives do not contain any solvents. Their main constituents are monomeric cyanocrlyic acid esters (methyl,ethyl),with the addition of small amounts of film formers, softeners and stabilizers. These enhance the mechanical properties of the bonded joint, giving it increased resistance to vibration,impact,shrinkage and ageing. Quickfix cyanoacrylate adhesives are particularily pure and combine consistent and reliable properties with excellent shelf life.
A specialist flexible superadhesive designed to work on all modern shoe materials including thermo plastic, resin, micro as well as leather. Perfect for todays shoe repair problems.A general purpose adhesive that can be used to repair all modern and traditional footwear.A thicker version of our clear adhesive. Can be used as a filler for small holes or spread over larger areas. can be used as a primer for greasy surfaces and to remove adhesive if spilt.Contains three times the standard bottle amount. Comes complete with replacement nozzles and is available for Black or Clear Adhesives.Ideal for greasy type plastic soles, just wipe over with a soft solution brush then polyurethane both sides. Warm and press together. 150grm refills for our Black Rubberized Superglue , and for our Clear Superglue .